Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My hair products

In continuation of the hair theme I thought I would post about my regular hair products - minus shampoo and conditioner as I'm having a bit of a dilemma. So here they are...

Non of these products are exactly my holy grail hair products but all worth a review.

1. Redken Rootful root spray
I am starting with this product as I'm finding it difficult to live without a hair booster at the moment. My hair is fine and doesn't have much natural stiffness so I have to have a volumising product otherwise it falls very limp without such a blow drying aid. I made this initial purchase after my hairdresser (who is an avid Redken fan and stockist) used it on my hair and I was impressed with the results (normally the case with all Redken products ♥).
Its 06 which on the Redken chart means it offers 'medium' control and texture. Here is what it claims:
"Redken Rootful 06 boosts roots with long-lasting, touchable fullness that's not stiff or sticky. Its lightweight, brushable formula provides touchable body that lasts, targeting the roots for volume on demand."
Touchable fullness, check. Not stiff or sticky, check. Basically it does everything it claims to do, it is especially natural looking but, long-lasting is questionable. I think unless you use an industrial hair mousse your hair will fall but then it tends to be sticky!
It also has a target nozzle which makes application easy and precise. Whats more, it lasts bloody ages! I have had mine since January and I am still making my way through it despite using it normally after every hair wash. I will probably try a different volumising product after I have used all this up but I would happily return to this in the future.

2. L oreal Elnett Hairpsray
Fail safe product! Provides everything you would want from a hair spray: firm(ish) hold, non-sticky, non-greasy. Normally would never use a different hair spray.

3. Lee Stafford Flat Iron protection shine mist
This product is ok. I bought the mini version so I could give it a try and I am fairly happy with the results. It doesn't weigh my hair down and definitely gives me peace of mind when using straighteners or hair dryer. It's light, smells yummy and contains green tea which is meant to help protect your hair against environmental free rads. I normally use this interchangably with an ends serum.

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume
When I first starting using this product I thought, WOW! Not only did it banish oil from my roots (ok it is a dry shampoo) but it gave me so much boost and body. I definitely had the 'big-style glamour' look. I honestly thought I had found something that would transform my hair! But.. I have stopped using this product as it gives my hair a horrible texture. The day after using this product I could barely get a brush through my hair and it made it very dry. Even after I had washed my hair the texture wasn't back to it's normally softness! I will probably use this product if I am desperate for volume for a night out, but aside from this I would happily throw it away because of the after-effect on my hair. Also, if you are thinking of getting a dry shampoo I would definitely recommend getting one that is specific to your hair colour to avoid grey hair!!

5. Moroccan Oil

After hearing so much about this award-winning product I had to try it. I got the small bottle as it is quite expensive and didn't want to invest in the 100ml bottle just incase it didn't do anything for my hair. Anyway, as promised this product does deliver hair that is noticeably smooth and sleek. After using this for the first ever time, my hair was beyond glossy. After repeated use I think the results do become less noticeable, so now I tend to use this just once a week if my hair is feeling a bit lack-lustre. Definitely worth a buy!

6. Tangle Teezer

This is my most recent purchase and I am impressed. This (also award-winning) product claims to be a revolution in hair brushing and actually started on Dragon's Den - cannot deny this product is innovative. Tangle Teezer’s uniquely designed teeth flex and flick as they glide through the hair, eliminating tangles and knots on contact, minimising breaking, splitting and damaging caused by mistreatment. I wouldn't say that I couldn't live without this product beause my hair is pretty manageable and straight naturally but I have a noticed less hair breakage and snapping so I'm happy that I bought this product. Also it looks so pretty! :D

Ok so that's what I use mainly. Currently in a bit of a limbo regards shampoo and conditioners. I'm making do with fructis ( :( ) until I can decide which high-end duo to repurchase. I have shortlisted it down to: Redken Extreme; Aveda Volumising; Kerestase Bain satin. Any thoughts??

edit:- Totally forgot about Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - the fact I forgot about it kind of speaks for itself.

I bought this product after reading a few highly commendable reviews in magazines. This is my first pre-shampoo treatment so I was quite excited to use it and had high expectations as a results. I am definitely underwhelmed. This product is meant to 'add elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine' but it doesn't really add any of those things to my hair. I left it on for about 40 minutes with a towel on my head to activate it with warmth, longer than recommended. I think maybe I haven't given this product much of a chance; it does say on the back that you use regularly for noticeable results, which I have failed to. I've used it about once a week since i've had it (for about a month). Maybe i'll give it more of a go and re-edit this edit if I start to notice any changes? For now, I'm glad I just bought the small bottle rather than wasting money on the big tub. Has anyone had any different experiences with this product? I know some people who absolutely worship this product. Hmm...

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